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Welcome to Foundations in Southern Rootwork. This course explores the basic concepts and practices of Southern Rootwork, Conjure, and Hoodoo through assigned readings, multimedia presentations, the exploration of the Doctrine of Signatures, the magickal associations of herbs, roots and plants, and core practices and rituals. 

If you want to learn the ancient wisdom of the Ancestors, look no further. If you need guidance and solutions to the problems of daily living, you need look no further than your kitchen cabinet or backyard for answers. We will teach you to see the world through a different set of lenses, one that is simpler, more effective and one in which YOU are in control.

Southern Rootwork is a living ethnobotanical, folk magic system of medicinal healing and hexing through the use of herbs, roots, bones, and stones. Our course covers the gamut of how to create floor washes to wash away negativity and spiritual baths to bring luck and opportunity. We introduce you to little known secrets of conjure designed to improve your situation, whatever the situation, because Southern Rootwork is a solution-focused system of knowedge and way of life based on the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

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    1. Good For What Ails You: Secrets of the Bayou Healers | 1998

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