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    1. ​Welcome to Conjure Club 2

    2. Copyright Agreement

    3. How Conjure Club Works

    4. Questions?

    5. Let's Get Started!

    1. The True Grimoire

    2. Pop Quiz: The True Grimoire

    3. Bonus Sample Chapters: Consorting with Spirits

    4. Pop Quiz: Consorting with Spirits

    5. Gumbo Ya Ya All Hallow's Zine

    6. Pop Quiz: Gumbo Ya Ya All Hallow's Zine

    7. Bonus: The Black Pullet or the Hen with the Golden Eggs

    8. Presentation: Talismans of the Black Pullet

    9. The Conjurer's Guide to Working with San Simon

    10. Pop Quiz: San Simon

    11. St. Jude the Apostle: Patron Saint of Hope and Lost Causes

    12. Bonus Sample Chapters: Secrets of Santa Muerte

    13. Boss Fix Conjure

    14. Working with St. Expedite for Success and Prosperity

    15. Gumbo Ya Ya #5: The Goddess Issue

    16. Bonus Sample Chapters: The Magic of Marie Laveau

    17. A Primer on Numerology

    18. Miscellany of Odd Days and Calendars

    19. The Magick of Ammonia

    20. Bonus Sample Chapter: Conjuring Harriet "Mama Moses" Tubman and the Spirits of the Underground Railroad

    21. Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly Vol. 1 Excerpt

    22. WYLD: A Journal of Magickal Art Issue #1

    23. WYLD: A Journal of Magickal Art Issue #2

    24. Pooka Pages Magazine: Litha Issue

    25. Bonus Sample Chapters: Pagan Family Prayers and Rituals

    26. Heart Healthy Home Cooking African American Style

    27. Wealth and Prosperity Herbs and Roots

    28. Ozark Magic and Folklore

    29. Encounters with Witchcraft

    30. Curse Thine Neighbor

    31. Conjure Digest

    32. How to Conduct a Séance

    33. You're Almost Done!

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What to Expect

Conjure Club members receive a whole year's worth of exclusive digital downloads and ebooks full of information about traditional conjure workings, working with Catholic saints and folk saints, information about herbs and roots, conjure formularies, various spirits found on the altars of rootworkers all over the South, how to work with lamps, graveyard work, bottle spells, money magic, love spells and much, much more!

Credible Sources

Our sources of information include word of mouth from real practitioners and elders, family, friends, and a variety of anthropological, folkloric, and literary sources. The editor has spent thousands of hours locating and reading out of print books and journals, and compiling information from those sources as well. Our downloads include references for those serious students of conjure who seek to broaden their knowledge base even further.

Great Information

If you are an information seeker, an academic interested in the inner workings of southern conjure traditions, or a practitioner of conjure yourself, you will love our Conjure Club. Each download is full of information about traditional conjure workings from a variety of traditions.

Exclusive Discounts

In addition to receiving a variety of downloads, our members receive special discounts for Creole Moon spiritual products. As much as 30% off of conjure oils, candles and print versions of Conjure Club books and zines!

Exclusive Membership Site

Members gain access to the exclusive Conjure Club website where there are bonus downloads and a community forum just for members. Every download has a discussion area where students can make comments and ask questions about the specific download they are reading.

Conjure Club Forum

Students gain access to the exclusive Conjure Club forum where they can build a community of like-minded people, share information, and ask questions of each other and the instructor.

Social proof: testimonials

“Conjure Club is like a gift that keeps on giving. Amazing information you will find no where else!”

Angelique X.

“I highly recommend this Conjure Club. A treasure trove of information, exclusively for us members!”

Melissa P.

“I have a busy life. When looking for a book I came upon Conjure Club. I checked it out and immediately joined paying for a year in advance. I have never once regretted it! It is full of great books, good material. Any questions I have ever had were answered in a positive manner. I will be renewing next year.”

Storm N.

“So far, I'm receiving great information from Conjure Club...I look forward to the rest of the course over the year. Denise is a very thorough and accessible teacher...I highly recommend any of her won't be disappointed!”

Roxanna C.

“I cannot recommend Conjure Club highly enough! It is such a treat to receive the emails every week and the magickal resources which arrive have been of the highest quality: A treasury of traditional wisdom for all those interested in the theory and practice of conjure and rootwork.”

Louise H.

“I have enjoyed the spiritual baths, so many conjures for all my needs and all possibilities. I can't wait for more.”

Janice T.

“Absolutely love the Conjure Club! Great addition to my knowledge base on rootwork and conjure! Lovely nuggets of wisdom and tips!!”

Kamara F.

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