The Pin is Mightier than the Sword

Welcome to Doll Baby Conjure, the course offered by Crossroads University and developed by Denise Alvarado, a foremost authority on doll magick today. The author of four books on the history and use of dolls in magick and ritual, the author has developed this unique course based on years of experience and research regarding the universal phenomenon of image magic in human societies over time and across cultures. 

For centuries, people have been using the ancient techniques of image magick, contagious magick, and sympathetic magick in combination with a doll or effigy to manipulate all aspects of one’s relationships with people, places, and things. In the past in Old New Orleans, Voodoo dolls were referred to as fetiches by outsiders because they roughly resembled the magickal fetiches brought from Africa by the enslaved. Since Voodoo dolls are traditionally constructed from objects belonging to the natural world, such as sticks, moss, herbs, roots, and stones, it makes sense to believe that the doll itself has Spirit, that it is part of the One Creator, just as people are. Even throughout European history, philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle contemplated the possibility that souls exist in animals, plants, and people.

Doll baby conjure is a type of remote control magick, if you will, because it involves influencing people, places and things via a ritually charged object fashioned most commonly in human form. While doll babies and Voodoo dolls are most commonly known to lay people as objects used for harming and revenge, they are actually used for many different purposes. As you take this course, you will discover that working with dolls goes far beyond sticking pins in them for revenge.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Spellbinding World of Doll Baby Conjure!

    2. What to Expect

    3. Who is this Course For?

    4. How to Access Course Content

    5. How to use this course

    6. Questions?

    1. Before we begin...

    2. An Introduction to Image Magick

    3. The History of Voodoo Dolls

    4. 'Cursed" Doll Found Nailed to Tree with Creepy Message Spooks Liverpool Locals

    5. The History of Voodoo

    6. Quiz: History of Voodoo Dolls

    7. Voodoo Dolls in Popular Culture

    8. Charges Dropped Against Elderly Man Who Nailed Putin Poppet to Tree

    9. The Psychology of Doll Magick

    10. Video: Real Life Voodoo Doll Trick of the Mind

    11. Quiz: Psychology of Doll Magic

    12. The Purpose of Image Magick

    13. Presentation: The Illustrated Doll Baby News

    14. Key Concepts of Image Magick

    15. Image Magick

    16. Homeopathic or Imitative Magick

    17. Bespoke Dolls and Imitative Magick

    18. Test your knowledge

    19. Image Magick is Grounded in Sympathetic Magick

    20. Sympathetic Magick or Like Produces Like

    21. Malay Death Charm

    22. Image Magick with Benevolent Intentions

    23. Image Magick in Adoption Rites

    24. Test your knowledge

    25. Image Magick in Healing and Disease Prevention

    26. Image Magick in Hunting and Food Procurement

    27. Influencing Plants and Trees with Homeopathic Magick

    28. On Image Magick and Taboos

    29. Contagious Magic

    30. Malay Corpse Doll

    31. Image Magick with the Dead

    32. Tutorial: The Antbed Conjure Doll

    33. Video: Mississippi Death Conjure Part 1

    34. Video: Mississippi Death Conjure Part 2

    35. Agency as Life-Giver

    36. The Velveteen Rabbit or How Toys Become Real

    37. ​Consecration and Agency: ​How Does a Doll Get it's Power or Spirit?

    38. How to Baptize a Voodoo Doll

    39. Formula for Holy Anointing Oil

    40. CSI of Doll Conjure

    41. Article: Voodoo doll, apparent animal sacrifice found outside Tybee Police building

    42. Discussion: Tybee Island Police Department Finds a Decapitated Voodoo Doll: Should They be Worried?

    43. Annulling Evil Omens with Image Magick

    44. Break

    45. Module Summary

    46. Quiz: Image Magick

    47. Announcement

    1. Introduction to the Materia Magica of Doll Conjure

    2. What are Doll Babies Made of?

    3. Herbal Blends for Stuffing Doll Babies and Poppets

    4. Assignment: Create Three Herbal Blends

    5. The Ju Ju Fetish

    6. How To Make a Voodoo Doll Out of Anything: The Free-Form Ju Ju Fetish

    7. Assignment: Create a Free-Form Ju Ju Fetish Doll

    8. Resource: Doll Baby Conjure on Pinterest

    9. How to Make a Voodoo Poppet

    10. Doll Patterns

    11. Doll Baby Patterns

    12. Assignment: Create a Doll Baby Pattern

    13. Creatures of Clay

    14. Tin Man: Dolls Made of Metal

    15. Video: Haitian Metal Art

    16. Photographs

    17. Photo Magic

    18. Pillow Magic and Feather Dolls

    19. Root Poppets

    20. Waxen Images

    21. Eerie Ancient Wax Sculptures for Hexing Enemies, Destroying Demons, and Remembering the Dead

    22. Test your learning

    23. Announcement

    1. Types of Magickal Dolls

    2. New Orleans Rope Doll Tutorial

    3. Making a Clay Face for the New Orleans Rope Doll

    4. New Orleans Voodoo Knot Doll Spell

    5. How to Make a Swamp Witch Voodoo Doll

    6. Assignment

    7. Ancestor Dolls

    8. The Handkerchief Doll

    9. Handkerchief Doll

    10. Hankie Lore

    11. Another Way to Make a Handkerchief Doll

    12. Assignment: Make a Handkerchief Doll

    13. Apple Head Dolls

    14. Making Apple Head Dolls

    15. Vintage Instructions for Making Apple Head Dolls

    16. Presentation: Apple Magick

    17. Download: Apple Head Dolls

    18. Video: How to Make Shrunken Apple Heads

    19. Apple Head Doll Assignment

    20. Corn Husk Dolls

    21. About Corn Husk Dolls

    22. Legend of the Corn Husk Doll.pdf

    23. Video: How to Make a Corn Dolly

    24. Tutorial: How to Make Corn Husk Dollies

    25. Variation on a Theme: The Mary Jane

    26. Books About Corn Husk Dolls

    27. Houma Moss Dolls

    28. About Houma Moss Dolls

    29. Moss Doll and Clothing

    30. Houma Doll Artist Profile: Marie Billiot Dean

    31. Helpful Spanish Moss

    32. How to Make a Voodoo Moss Doll

    33. How to Make a Spirit Doll

    1. How to Use Dolls in Magick and Ritual

    2. Forms of Doll Conjure

    3. A Review of the Concepts of Image Magick

    4. How to Prepare Your Doll for Ritual Use

    5. How to Use a Voodoo Doll

    6. Using a Doll as a Focusing Tool

    7. The Voodoo Doll as a Therapeutic Tool

    8. Using Your Voodoo Doll for Revenge

    1. Doll Baby Conjure for Money and Good Luck

    2. Wealth and Prosperity Herbs and Roots

    3. Easy Money Doll Baby Spell

    4. Gypsy Money Doll

    5. Hold on to Your Money Spell

    6. Wealth and Prosperity Spell

    7. Good Luck Charm Doll

    8. Lucky Conjure Doll

    9. General Good Luck Spell

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