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Where else can you find a structured place to receive all sorts of cool magickal and spiritual information, learn at your leisure, grow your knowledge base and skill set, all at the same time? Only here at Crossroads University will you find this kind of educational opportunity. 

Sure, there are other places that offer digital downloads (many of which are pirated from hard-working authors), but none of those places will present the downloads as lessons, with discussions and quizzes to make sure you retain the information you read. Students also receive bonus excerpts from popular books and discounts on products at our sister site, Creole Moon.

What sets us apart from the others is that most of the content is original content written by Denise Alvarado just for Conjure Club members. This is information that you will not find anywhere else, and if you ever do, it would be because it was stolen. Further, students are given a direct line to her, and can ask her questions and enter discussions about any of the downloads received.

So, what is Conjure Club, exactly? Conjure Club is a membership club where members receive a year's worth of exclusive digital downloads and ebooks, released incrementally, that are focused on traditional conjure practices. The content includes information on working with Catholic saints and folk saints, herbs and roots, conjure formularies, spirits commonly found on rootworkers' altars in the American South, as well as guidance on working with lamps, graveyard work, bottle spells, money magic, love spells, and other aspects of conjure. 

Esoteric education is the study and exploration of spiritual, mystical, and hidden knowledge that is often not widely understood or accessible. This type of education explores subjects beyond the mainstream, focusing on ancient wisdom, metaphysical principles, spiritual practices, and occult teachings. Esoteric education encompasses a wide range of topics, including astrology, alchemy, Kabbalah, mysticism, energy work, divination, symbolism, and various spiritual traditions from around the world. It aims to provide individuals with a deeper understanding of the universe, consciousness, and the interconnectedness of all things, leading to personal transformation, spiritual growth, and the pursuit of higher knowledge. Conjure Club amplifies esoteric traditions from the American South in particular, including folk magick, hoodoo, conjure, witchcraft, and rootwork.

Credible Sources

Our sources of information include word of mouth from real practitioners and elders, family, friends, and a variety of anthropological, folkloric, and literary sources. The editor has spent thousands of hours locating and reading out-of-print books and journals, and compiling information from those sources as well. Our downloads include references for those serious students of conjure who seek to broaden their knowledge base even further.

Great Information

If you are an information seeker, an academic interested in the inner workings of southern conjure traditions, or a practitioner of conjure yourself, you will love our Conjure Club. Each download you receive is full of information about traditional conjure workings for tackling all sorts of everyday problems.

Exclusive Discounts

In addition to receiving a variety of downloads, our members receive special discounts for Creole Moon spiritual products. As much as 30% off of conjure oils, candles and print versions of Conjure Club books and zines!

Exclusive Membership Site

Members gain access to the exclusive Conjure Club course site where there are bonus downloads and a community forum just for members. Every download has a discussion area where students can make comments and ask questions about the specific download they are reading.

Conjure Club Forum

Students gain access to the exclusive Conjure Club forum where they can build a community of like-minded people, share information, and ask questions of each other and the instructor.

Conjure Club Content

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    1. Download: 105 Spiritual Baths for Every Occasion

    2. Download: Louisiana Van Van Carpet Sprinkle

    3. Pop Quiz: Louisiana Van Van Carpet Sprinkle

    4. Download: 9 Conjure Oil Formulas for the Discerning Rootworker

    5. Pop Quiz: Conjure Oil Formulas

    6. Download: Working with St. Anthony of Padua

    7. Presentation: St. Anthony's Guide for Safe Mail Delivery

    8. Download: Holy Anointing Oils

    9. Presentation: Holy Oils

    10. Pop Quiz: Holy Oils

    11. Bonus Downloads: The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage (3 PDFs)

    12. Download: Workin' in da Boneyard

    13. Pop Quiz: Workin' in da Boneyard

    14. Download: Spirit Spotlight: Al Anima Sola or Lonely Souls of Purgatory

    15. Pop Quiz: Anima Sola

    16. Presentation: A Simple Candle Ritual Using Al Anima Sola Oil

    17. Download: Day of the Dead Handbook

    18. Presentation: The Day of the Dead Ofrenda

    19. Pop Quiz: Day of the Dead

    20. Download: Prayer of the Cigar

    21. Presentation: Santa Muerte

    22. Download: Herbal Tea Remedies

    23. Pop Quiz: Herbal Tea Remedies

    24. Download: Working with Three Saints: Dr. José Gregario Hernandez, El Niño Fidencio, and St. Clare

    25. Presentation: The Attributes of Three Random Saints

    26. Video: The Miraculous Life of El Niño Fidencio

    27. Download: Folk Remedies of South Louisiana

    28. Pop Quiz: Folk Remedies of South Louisiana

    29. Bonus Sample Chapter: The Candle and the Crossroads

    30. Download: Biblical Formulary

    31. Pop Quiz: Biblical Formulary

    32. Download: Fiery Wall of Protection

    33. Pop Quiz: Fiery Wall of Protection

    34. Download: Gypsy Wisdom, Spells, Charms, and Folklore

    35. Bonus Sample Chapter: Love Magic from Buckland's Book of Gypsy Magic

    36. Pop Quiz: Love Magic

    37. Download: Formulas for Enhancing Dreams, Divination, Psychic Development ​and Prophesy

    38. Bonus Download: The Witches Dream Book and Fortune-Teller

    39. Download: Potted Plant Hot Foot Container Spell

    40. Bonus Chapter Sample: Irish Trees: Myths, Legends, and Folklore

    41. Download: 7 Old School Conjure Works

    42. Bonus Download: Fontaine's Golden Wheel Fortune Teller Dream Book

    43. Download: Old-Tyme Hoodoo Powders

    44. Pop Quiz: Hoodoo Powders

    45. Download: Fortune-telling with Playing Cards

    46. Download: Astrological Formulary

    47. Download: The Use of Tide Water in Hoodoo and Conjure

    48. Presentation: The Magickal Properties of Water

    49. Pop Quiz: Use of Tide Water in Hoodoo and Conjure

    50. Download: Hyssop: The Holy Herb and it's Uses

    51. Download: Dirt Dauber Nests: A Multipurpose Zoological Curio

    52. Presentation: Wasp Nests of Hoodoo

    53. Pop Quiz: Dirt Dauber Nests

    54. Download: Fabulous Spring Magick Money Hand

    55. Download: Purloined Stories and Early Tales of Old New Orleans, Part 1

    56. Download: Reading Signatures: Handwriting Analysis as a Practical Tool for Enhancing Readings and Divinations

    57. Pop Quiz: Reading Signatures

    58. Download: Spirit Spotlight: Erzulie Freda

    59. Bonus Download: Sex Magick

    60. Download: Granny's Secret Conjury

    61. Bonus Sample Chapter: Dr. Buzzard's Success Almanac

    62. Download: A Witch's Bestiary: Animal Companions of the Sisterhood of the Night

    63. Bonus Download: Human Leopards

    64. Download: Gumbo Ya Ya Ezine 3

    65. Bonus Download: Blessing and Consecration of Books and Grimoires

    66. Download: Magickal Conjure Doll Clays

    67. Pop Quiz: Magickal Conjure Doll Clays

    68. Bonus Download: The Voodoo Doll Spellbook

    69. Download: Charms, Amulets and Talismans for Good Luck

    70. Pop Quiz: Charms, Amulets and Talismans for Good Luck

    71. Bonus Download: The Book of Luck

    72. Download: Personal Shamanic Vision Quest for Discovering your Patron Spirit Guide

    73. Bonus Sample Chapter: A Spirit Walker's Guide to Shamanic Tools

    74. Download: Sweetener Spells

    75. Pop Quiz: Sweetener Spells

    76. Download: Gumbo Ya Ya #4

    77. Download: 333 Conjure Tips and Tricks

    78. Download: Working with San Ramon: Catholic and Conjure

    79. Pop Quiz: San Ramon

    80. Download: Louisiana Van Van Oil: The Foundation of the Best Conjure Drugs

    81. Pop Quiz: Louisiana Van Van Oil

    82. Download: A Magickal Bay Rum Cologne Formula

    83. Bonus Chapter Sample: Encyclopedia of Essential Oils

    84. Bonus Download: Voodoo

    85. Download: A Gris Gris Lamp for Doctor John

    86. Bonus Download: The Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic and East Indian Occultism

    87. Download: Spider Queen Conjure

    88. Download: Cursed Voodoo Dolls and Haunted Creepy Doll Babies

    89. Pop Quiz: Voodoo Dolls

    90. Presentation: Pictorial Guide to Voodoo Dolls

    91. Final Download: Denise M. Alvarado's Anthology of Conjure Vol. 1

    92. You're Almost Done!

    93. Course Completion Survey

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Broad Spectrum Conjure Education

Conjure Club is the ideal solution for individuals wishing to hone their conjuring skills, create their best lives and become the Master of their own destinies. The best practitioners are always open to learning new things, seeking alternative points of view and a variety of perspectives to enhance their understanding of the conjure arts and to enrich and improve their skills.

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    The perfect balance of research and oral tradition.

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“Conjure Club is like a gift that keeps on giving. Amazing information you will find no where else!”

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“I have a busy life. When looking for a book I came upon Conjure Club. I checked it out and immediately joined paying for a year in advance. I have never once regretted it! It is full of great books, good material. Any questions I have ever had were answered in a positive manner. I will be renewing next year.”

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“So far, I'm receiving great information from Conjure Club...I look forward to the rest of the course over the year. Denise is a very thorough and accessible teacher...I highly recommend any of her courses...you won't be disappointed!”

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“I cannot recommend Conjure Club highly enough! It is such a treat to receive the emails every week and the magickal resources which arrive have been of the highest quality: A treasury of traditional wisdom for all those interested in the theory and practice of conjure and rootwork.”

Louise H.

“I have enjoyed the spiritual baths, so many conjures for all my needs and all possibilities. I can't wait for more.”

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“Absolutely love the Conjure Club! Great addition to my knowledge base on rootwork and conjure! Lovely nuggets of wisdom and tips!!”

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