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    1. Welcome to the Mysteries

    2. Copyright Agreement

    3. Create a Learning Ritual

    4. How to Access Course Content

    5. Who is This Course For?

    6. Why This Course?

    7. Questions?

    8. Let's Get This Party Started!

    9. Course Pretest

    1. Glossary of New Orleans Voodoo Terms

    2. The History of New Orleans Voodoo

    3. Presentation: Some Facts About New Orleans Voodoo

    4. Quiz: New Orleans Voodoo

    5. Video: Inside the Coven: Voodoo in New Orleans

    6. Quiz: Voodoo in New Orleans

    7. Examples of Voodoo Propaganda

    8. ​Voodoo and Vodun, 1890

    9. Historical Article: New Orleans Superstitions, 1886

    10. Quiz: New Orleans Superstitions

    11. Presentation: Hoodoo's Frizzly Chicken

    12. Is Hoodoo Part of Voodoo?

    1. Forms of New Orleans Voudou

    2. Creolization

    3. Pop Quiz: Creolization

    4. Syncretism of Catholicism and New Orleans Voodoo

    5. Papa Labat

    6. New Orleans Voodoo Spirits and Corresponding Catholic Saints

    7. Quiz: Syncretism

    8. Yoruba Influences on Haitian Vodou and New Orleans Voodoo

    9. The Yoruba Creation Story

    10. African Influences on New Orleans Voodoo

    11. Quiz: Yoruba Influences on New Orleans Voodoo

    12. Influence of Haitian Vodou on New Orleans Voodoo

    13. Quiz: Haitian Vodou

    14. Infographic: Forms of Voodoo in New Orleans

    15. Individual Expression of New Orleans Voodoo

    16. Why We Can't Talk to You About Voodoo

    17. Quiz: Why We Can't Talk to You About Voodoo

    18. Laveau Voudou: A New Religion

    19. Elmore Lee Banks was Bitch Slapped by the Voodoo Queen

    20. Is Marie Laveau the Mother of Invention?

    21. Pop Quiz: Laveau Voodoo

    22. Catholic in the Morning, Voodoo by Night: An Analysis of Marie Laveau's Syncretistic Practice of Roman Catholicism and Voodoo

    23. Quiz: Catholic in the Morning, Voodoo at Night

    24. Infographic: Voudou Tree

    25. Chapter Test: Influences on New Orleans Voodoo

    1. Ancestor Reverence

    2. What is Ancestor Reverence?

    3. Presentation: Ancestor Reverence

    4. Quiz: Ancestor Reverence

    5. Who are the Ancestors?

    6. Egungun

    7. Assignment: Seven Generation Family Tree

    8. Help! I'm Adopted

    9. Creating a Bridge Between Worlds: Building an Altar to the Ancestors

    10. Setting Spiritual Boundaries

    11. Making an Ancestor Altar

    12. Assignment: Gathering Nine Types of Dirt

    13. Assignment: Dirt Collection

    14. The Boveda or Spirit Table of Caribbean Spiritism

    15. Kardecian Library

    16. Maintaining the Altar and Boveda

    17. Meal for the Ancestors

    18. How to Address the Ancestors

    19. Pouring Libations and Making Offerings

    20. Formula Spotlight: Seven African Powers Incense

    21. Ancestors

    22. Honoring Ancestors

    23. Ancestors, Spirits, and God

    24. Chapter Quiz: Ancestor Reverence

    1. The Sacred Geography of New Orleans Voodoo

    2. Growing Up in New Orleans

    3. Test Your Knowledge

    4. Hoodoo Town, Home of Algiers Conjure

    5. Formula Spotlight: Algiers Fast Luck

    6. Congo Square

    7. Formula Spotlight: African Ju Ju Oil

    8. The Haunted Voodoo Tree of Congo Square, 1891

    9. Storyville, New Orleans' Famous Red Light District

    10. Formulas for Ladies of the Night

    11. The New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple

    12. Presentation Inside a Voodoo Temple

    13. Priestess Miriam's Prayer to Jove

    14. Bayou St. John

    15. A Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, 1896

    16. The Tomb of the Widow Paris

    17. Not So Pretty in Pink

    18. The International Shrine of Marie Laveau

    19. Hoodoo Drugstores

    20. The Cracker Jack, A Hoodoo Drugstore in the Cradle of Jazz

    21. Test Your Knowledge

    22. Ants Won't Climb Over John Stumpf's Magic Hoodoo Ant Paper

    23. Fortune Teller Arrested for Stealing 1951

    24. What Kinda Fresh Hell is Dis?

    25. Just Call Ann Karen

    26. Cities of the Dead

    27. I Left My Leg in St. Roch's Cemetery

    28. Old Mortuary Chapel/Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

    29. Lake Pontchartrain

    30. Dance of the Voodoos at Lake Pontchartrain, 1896

    1. New Orleans Gris Gris

    2. Senegal's Genies, Spirits, and Spells

    3. Newspaper Article: Louisiana Gris Gris Really Work, Some People Think

    4. Gris Gris as Contraception

    5. How to Make a Gris Gris Bag

    6. New Orleans Gris Gris

    7. Quiz: Gris Gris

    8. Animal Sacrifice

    9. Animal Sacrifice versus Ritual Offerings

    10. Black Cat Conjure and Sacrifice

    11. The Vegan Vodou Priestess Isn't Interested in Animal Sacrifice

    12. Possession

    13. What Does Possession Look Like?

    14. Two Studies of Spirit Possession in Niger

    15. Zombiism

    16. New Orleans Zombie Bottles

    17. Investigating the Haitian Zombi

    18. Public Rituals and Community Dances

    19. Q & A about Voodooism 1902

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