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Divination Techniques Master Class explores various systems of divination with a focus on those systems utilized by Southern conjurers. We explore traditional African divination systems and the role of the diviner in African societies as a way to understand, enrich and inform systems of divination within the context of American rootwork.

Rootworkers are typically familiar with several types of oracles and utilize one as a primary method. However, most are familiar with additional systems as back up or confirmatory methods. This course gives the student the information needed to become familiar with several oracle techniques, to learn these techniques and choose one or more as a primary method in their practice. For example, tarot cards are not well-suited for yes/no questions, but a pendulum is. Using both of these methods will give the diviner the information needed for an accurate reading.
That said, it is important for the student of divination to find the system that speaks to them and to be committed to that system. Some systems will be harder to master than others because they require much more practice and understanding of the tradition from which the system derives. Throwing bones, for example, requires much time and practice to master. It requires a long-term commitment to learning not only the meaning of the bones, but the cosmology of the system from which it originates.

Divination methods covered in this course include cartomancy (playing cards, not tarot), bibliomancy, throwin' bones, numerology, and dominoes.

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