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    5. Before we begin...

    1. Introduction

    2. Cultural Catholicism in Cajun-Creole Louisiana

    3. The Folklore of Sacramentals

    4. Novena to Saint Clare, Statue of Saint Joseph, Saint Medard's Day

    5. Pilgrimage Sites

    6. Bonne Mort Society 

    7. Saint Vincent DePaul Bonfire 

    8. Hurricane Prayer

    9. Hurricane Prayer Card

    10. Living Way of the Cross

    11. A Brief Guide to Candles in Folk Catholicism

    12. Candles

    13. Catholic in the Morning, Voodoo by Night

    14. Traiteurs

    15. Good for What Ails You

    16. Module 1 Review

    17. Test your learning

    1. Working with the Saints

    2. Working with Saints in the New Orleans Voudou Tradition

    3. Some Notes about Working with Saints

    4. Saints and Their Patronage

    5. Basic Altar Set Up

    6. Al Anima Sola

    7. St. Agnes

    8. Skull of St. Agnes Holy Relic

    9. Folk Customs of St. Agnes

    10. St. Anthony of Padua, Patron Saint of Lost Things

    11. The Blessed Mother

    12. Marian Calendar

    13. St. Dymphna

    14. St. Expedite, Patron Saint of Expediency and a Whole Lot of Other Stuff

    15. Jesus Malverde

    16. St. John the Baptist

    17. St. John’s Poor Head

    18. Golden Legend: Decollation of Saint John the Baptist

    19. St. Joseph

    20. Viva San Giuseppe

    21. St. Jude, Patron Saint of Hope and Lost Causes

    22. St. Michael, the Archangel

    23. St. Nicolas, Bringer of Gifts and Reanimator of Corpses

    24. St. Raymond

    25. St. Roche, New Orleans Own Patron Saint of Pandemics

    26. Santa Muerte

    27. San Simon

    28. St. Sara la Kali

    29. Three Kings

    30. Test your learning

    1. Cultural Catholicism and Folk Sacramentals in New Orleans Culture

    2. Folk Sacramentals

    3. The Magnificat Charm

    4. Amparos

    5. Choosing your Patron Saint

    6. Measuring To

    7. Palm Frond for Protection

    8. Prayer Cloths

    9. Secret of the Rosary

    10. Yard Grottoes

    11. DIY Mary Grotto

    12. Test your learning

    1. Psalms and Prayers

    2. The Bible: The Great Conjure Book

    3. Using Psalms and Prayers as Prescriptions

    4. Power of the Written Word

    5. The Apostle’s Creed

    6. Curse Thine Enemies

    7. Test Your Leaning

    1. Congrats! You're almost done!

    2. Before you go...

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