Spiritual Baths and Cleansings

Refresh, renew, and rejuvenate using ancestral techniques found in Southern rootwork, Hoodoo, and conjure

Spiritual bathing is an ancient and restorative practice that promotes health and wellbeing by combining the healing power of water with various herbs and minerals to shift spiritual energy in your favor. It is found in many cultures all over the world. In the African-derived traditions such as Santería and Hoodoo, spiritual baths are often prescribed for specific purposes such as drawing love and money, facilitating healing, cultivating wisdom, removing negative conditions, uncrossing and reversing spiritual attacks, providing protection, increasing personal influence and domination and creating success. Sometimes used bathwater is saved and utilized in future works. Often, a portion of the bath water is used in a floor wash following the personal bath and the leftover water is thrown in the direction of the east at dawn or at a crossroads.

There are many ways to perform cleansings besides baths. Smoke from special herbs and plants, cigar smoke, alcohol, and fire are but a few cleansing methods. Many times, multiple types of cleansings are employed, depending on the type and severity of the condition.  

Spiritual Baths and Cleansings Master Class is a self-paced course that focuses on the practice of ritual bathing and cleansing in the context of southern conjure, hoodoo, and rootwork. Spiritual Baths and Cleansings Master Class covers: 1) how and when to take various types of spiritual baths and aromatic medicinal baths, 2) how to prepare botanicals properly, 3) recipes for spiritual baths for cleansing, uncrossing, and a variety of life conditions, 4) how to perform a house cleansing, 5) how to perform a foot washing service and more.

This course is ideal for professional rootworkers who wish to expand their skill set and knowledge base, as well as for anyone interested in a spiritual support system found in folk magic and the ways of our ancestors.

Course curriculum

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    1. Housekeeping and What Not

    2. How to Access Course Content

    3. How to use this course

    4. Questions?

    1. Introduction

    2. The Healing Powers of Water

    3. Video: The Healing Power of Water

    4. Types of Waters and their Magickal Associations

    5. Types of Spiritual Baths and Cleansings Utilized in Southern Hoodoo and Rootwork

    6. Creating Sacred Space for Cleansing

    7. Test Your Learning

    8. Ingredients According to Purpose

    9. Herbs and their Magickal Properties

    10. How to Prepare a Spiritual Bath

    11. How to Take a Spiritual Bath

    12. Multiple Purposes for Spiritual Bath Water

    13. Disposal of Leftover Bath Water

    14. Presentation: Cleansing Self and Home

    15. Cleansing Relationships

    16. Video: A Shaman's Cleansing

    17. Baptisms and Water Rituals

    18. "Take Me to the Water": African American River Baptism

    19. Assignment

    20. Module Exam

    1. Aromatic Medicinal Baths

    2. Components of Aromatic Medicinal Baths

    3. Presentation: Aromatic Medicinal Baths

    4. Video: Spiritual Cleansing Bath

    5. Water Blessings

    6. Spiritual Bath Receipts

    7. Experiential Assignment: Prepare an Aromatic Medicinal Bath

    1. How to Use Floor Washes

    2. How to Perform a Floor Washing

    3. Some Examples of Three Ingredient Floor Washes

    4. Seven Day Hoodoo Home Cleansing

    5. Experiential Assignment: Perform a Basic Home Cleansing

    1. Cleansing with Hyssop

    2. Hyssop, the Holy Herb and its Uses

    3. Video: Spiritual Cleansing with Herbs

    4. Bath to Improve Your Life

    5. Bath to Remove Evil

    1. Smudging Herbs and Resins

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