About This Mini Course

Intro to Hoodoo, Conjure, and Rootwork is a mini version of our Foundations in Southern Rootwork, Hoodoo, and Conjure Master course. This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn the main concepts and practices of Hoodoo, and for those who wish to test-drive a course prior to investing in a Master course. Master courses take place over the course of several months, while the mini course can be completed in 1 or 2 evenings. Earn a certificate of completion when you finish the course.

Three Modules

  • Background

    Learn the historical and cultural background of hoodoo, conjure and rootwork, hoodoo's African origins, conjuring and conjure doctors, and the Doctrine of Signatures.

  • Core Practices

    Learn the core practices of hoodoo including, blessings, crossing and uncrossing, curing, laying tricks, floor washes, foot track magic, spiritual baths, mojo bags, and the magical associations of herbs.

  • Ancestor Reverence

    Learn the importance of ancestor reverence in hoodoo, how a regular ancestor practice will jumpstart your magick, and learn how to set up an ancestor shrine or altar.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. How to use this course

    3. Questions?

    1. Module 1: Introduction and Background

    2. What is Hoodoo, Conjure, and Rootwork?

    3. Glossary of Terms

    4. Louisiana Swamp

    5. Putting the Root Back in Rootwork

    6. Hoodoo's African Origins

    7. Presentation: Hoodoo, Conjure, & Rootwork

    8. Video: Root Doctor Blues

    9. Conjuring and Conjure Doctors

    10. Presentation: Hoodoo's Frizzly Chicken

    11. The Doctrine of Signatures

    12. Download: The Doctrine of Signatures

    1. Module 2: Core Practices

    2. Core Practices and Rituals

    3. Blessings

    4. Crossing and Uncrossing

    5. Three Waters Uncrossing Bath

    6. Curin' is Part of Rootworkin'

    7. Floor Washes

    8. Floor Wash to Bless Home and Business

    9. Foot Track Magick

    10. Dress for Success

    11. Laying Tricks

    12. Potted Plant Spell

    13. Herbs, Plants, & Roots A-Z

    14. Presentation: Solomon's Seal

    15. Devil's Shoestring

    16. Devil's Shoestring Zine

    17. What is a Mojo Bag?

    18. What Is in a Mojo Bag?

    1. Module 3: Ancestor Reverence

    2. Ancestor Reverence

    3. Ancestors and African Religions

    4. Presentation: Ancestor Reverence

    5. Ancestor Altar or Shrine

    6. Libations

    7. Test Your Learning

    8. Great Job!

    9. Congrats! You're Almost Done!

About this course

  • $25.00
  • 42 lessons
  • Certificate of Completion