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Burning incense is perhaps the oldest custom in the history of humankind. The conversion of gums, woods, and aromatic plants to an ethereal state was believed to be the most effective way to contact and please the spirits and gods. Incense was indispensable in pagan rituals and in the religious customs of early civilization.
Since antiquity, incense has been used for creating aromatic spaces both indoors and out. In the Middle Ages, incense had innumerable uses. People believed it could protect them from the plague or cure them if they fell ill. Sulfur, asafoetida, camphor, and coal tar were burned to banish plagues. Incense was used at feasts, weddings and other crowded occasions to help perfume and purify the air. Incense has always been deeply intertwined with religious ceremonies and the practice of medicine. In fact, the first reported healing practices in ancient Egypt exposed patients to the smoke of incense for healing. Special recipes and mixtures were employed in black magic and were used to read prophetic signs of the sun, moon, and stars. And there were incense mixtures to dispel evil spirits. Incense was used to promote successful business transactions and love ventures, to incite prophetic dreams, to strengthen the mind, to conquer, or just to obtain good luck. The spiritual and religious use of incense continues to this day. However, incense is more often used now to simply perfume a room or space.

Folk Magic Formulary Master Class: Powders and Incense delves into the methods, both basic and advanced, for making a variety of formulas for all aspects of life - spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. You will learn how to make sachet powders, conjure dusts, and incenses for conjuring a magickal household, for increasing your self-esteem, helping you think more clearly, being at the top of your game and reaching financial freedom. While no formula in and of itself can create miracles, a given formula can help you create the right mindset to help you achieve any goal and provide the right spiritual and energetic environment that will allow you to make the changes you seek and achieve the goals you set for yourself.
That said, there are certain preparations that have withstood the test of time in the area of folk magic. You will learn how to make some of these as well. You will learn to make old-fashioned pomanders, sachets, and dry perfumes just like our great grandmothers used to make and use. These are wonderful not only in their nostalgia and practicality, but they can also be used as ancestral offerings to help connect to ancestors in ways that are at once, novel, magickal, and meaningful.


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