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The use of candles in Hoodoo and Rootwork is an American addition to the African tradition. In New Orleans, the tradition is particularly strong and was seen as an activity that was assimilated with New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo due to the strong influence of the Catholic Church where prayer is often accompanied by candle burning. When Henri Gamache published his book The Master Book of Candle Burning the practice took off around the country and it soon became an activity many spiritualists and rootworkers engaged in for themselves and others. Setting lights is a service offered in many spiritual supply shops - usually for a nominal price of about $20.00. Often, it is a service provided for free.
Setting lights is one of the most useful activities of the modern rootworker. Setting a light entails choosing a candle, fixing it for the intent, writing a petition paper, setting it under the candle, and lighting it. The rootworker then prays over the candle in the tradition in which they are accustomed. Many times, this includes the recitation of psalms and novenas, passages from the Song of Solomon or passages from the Bible. Sometimes, prayers of St. Cyprian, Santa Muerte, San Simon and other powerful Saints and Folk Saints are included in the work. As a matter of extreme convenience, the seven-day candles have specific prayers printed right on the label. After the candle burns down, the rootworker then divines the wax remains and any black residue left on the glass. It would seem you couldn’t get any easier than that, but there is quite a bit of thought and preparation that goes into setting a light for someone.
This course introduces the basics of candle magick including the various types of candles, color symbolism, figural symbolism, and the basics of their use. Many of the popular seven day glass encased candles are described and suggestions for use are provided. You will be instructed in how to inscribe candles, how to use petitions with candles, how to "fix" candles (ritually prepare them for use), along with numerous candle spells. Finally, you will learn the art of ceromancy, which is the art of divining candle flames and wax remains. While there are many subtle nuances that a skilled ceromancer observes in the way a candle burns, this course presents four main divining indicators to pay attention to: the flame, the glass, the smoke, and the wax.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Class!

    2. How to use this course

    3. Questions?

    4. Before we begin...

    1. Chapter 1 Objectives: Candle Magick Basics

    2. Introducing the Basics of Candle Magick

    3. Candle Color Correspondences

    4. Cleansing Your Candles

    5. Candle Butting

    6. Marking a Candle

    7. Dressing a Candle

    8. Burning Candles at Intervals

    9. Sealing a Candle

    10. Lighting and Extinguishing Candles

    11. The Use of Candles in New Orleans Voudou and Hoodoo

    12. Bonus: The Big Book of Candle Magic

    13. Test your learning

    1. Candle Size and Shape

    2. Types of Candles in Hoodoo and Witchcraft

    3. A Guide to Candle Shapes and Figures

    4. Types of Candles in Catholic Conjure

    5. "Measuring To" in Folk Catholicism

    6. The Power of a Single White Candle

    1. Introduction to Setting Lights

    2. Safety First

    3. Protecting your Candle Spell

    4. Working with Vigil Lights

    5. Using Discretion

    6. Practical Tips

    7. Writing Petitions

    8. Disposal of Written Petitions

    9. Disposal of Ritual Remains

    10. Test your learning

    1. The Basics of Candle Spells

    2. Writing Your Own Candle Spells

    3. A Word of Caution

    4. Uncrossing Crossed Conditions with a Double Action Uncrossing/Road Opener Candle

    1. Introduction to Ceromancy

    2. The Behavior of the Candle Flame

    3. Presentation: Divining Candle Flames and Wax Remains

    4. Signs Left by Glass-Encased Candles

    5. Divining Wax Remains

    6. Test your learning

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